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                                   Virtual Reality Arcade.



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First timers come early to get a 15 minute instructional tutorial on how to use VR.



Come immerse yourself in the newest frontier in gaming at Peterborough's first VR arcade. We offer games in a variety of genres & styles from shooters, racing, dance, and horror games, to simple job and office simulators.

premium pack

Immerse yourself even more with our premium package, offering a racing wheel and pedals, haptic feedback suit, and selection from our premium games list.


Playstation vr


Rent our Playstation Virtual Reality headset to play in a private PS VR group session room. With a large selection of games to choose from you are sure to find something that you will love. Room opens June 2017.




Experience the newest frontier in gaming on the HTC Vive

Rent our Playstation VR headset and games to take home with you

Space to play board games, with board games available

Area dedicated to booking video game parties and tournaments

PS4, Wii U, Gaming Computers, Gamecube, available for use



Our products


Over 50 delicious Asian Bubble Tea flavors

Authentic Japanese snacks and drinks

Anime fandom, posters, jewelry, stuffies & collectibles

Anime clothing

Custom Apparel Printing (hats, t-shirts, hoods)




404 George Street N

In the heart of beautiful down town
Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 3R5

Closest intersection is Hunter St W


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Phone: (705)748-3636

Email: dodrio404@gmail.com

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 Quick History of Dodrio 


     Our store began it's story when a need was opening up in our community for a space where people can enjoy the culture of anime. There was also a great demand for delicious authentic bubble teas & Asian snacks, but limited access to them locally. We decided that all of these exciting things people are passionate about can be housed in one great location. The location we chose for our new home is in the heart of the down town in Peterborough, Ontario. Our space right on George St, and was also the previous home to another Bubble Tea shop that closed(named "DoDo"). This encouraged us to have the previous business help us by simply "re-branding" their social media accounts, instead of creating new ones. Helping put customers afraid of losing one of their favorite hot spots at ease. 

  As Dodrio Bubble Tea & Anime Collectibles, we are constantly growing with our customers to better suit their needs for fandom, fun events & tasty Asian treats. Not only do we provide rare, and interesting items for anime & game fans. We are also always adding new unique events to our weekly, monthly & annual schedules. Gatherings of like minded people playing games or sharing discussions. Which almost always leads making new friends.